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Get Gorgeous with These Beauty Benefits of Eggs to Your Skin and Hair

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Eggs are among the most nutritious foods around. Not only can eggs provide a healthy dose of protein for muscle growth and repair, but they also have many other benefits as well! Eggs help hydrate skin while strengthening it to fight against aging signs; meanwhile, their high nutritive content helps condition hair into the softness that’s easy to manage. To top off all these abilities? The proteins in eggs make them great at giving your nails strength too!

Some ways how to use eggs in your beauty routine

For Hair:

One of the most versatile and inexpensive ingredients out there, eggs have been used for centuries in various natural remedies. Eggs are an excellent source of protein that can help rebuild damaged hair that is dry or brittle, making it smooth, soft to touch, and moisturized.

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  • Use them as a deep conditioning mask by separating your egg yolks from whites then adding one-half cup water with two tablespoons olive oil before whisking together until well combined – if you want fragrance, add some lavender essential oils also!
  • For lighter-weight proteins, try three raw whole eggs mixed with half teaspoon ground flaxseed powder (optional). Apply the mixture to clean dampened hair using fingers distributing evenly all overhead massaging into the scalp gently but firmly working up through ends where needed. Rinse with warm water and shampoo.
  • If you do not have time for a conditioning mask, then opt for an egg wash – simply beat one or two eggs with about one tablespoon of milk to create a light protein mixture that can be used on dry hair before styling it into your desired look.
  • Wear the benefits of eggs in your hair benefits all day long by putting a little bit of an egg wash on your hair before bedtime and wrap it up in a towel.
  • For styling, try using an egg with a flat iron for smoothing, or use just the egg in place of water while you blow-dry!
  • It is also recommended that people who dye their hair often, like those with lighter locks and blondes, add eggs to their hair care routine. This will keep the color fresh and also help reduce scalp itchiness, which is common for people with dye jobs.

For Skin:

Eggs are a natural way to keep your skin looking fresh and dazzling. They can improve any type of complexion from dry or oily, without the chemicals that many moisturizers contain. The yolk is rich in fatty acids which will leave you with soft supple skin, while albumin found in egg whites tightens pores and removes excess oil for clear glowing nooks and crannies!

1) Face

  • Egg whites can be used as a natural way to remove makeup and cleanse pores, while egg yolks are great at moisturizing, especially when using them in an oil-based mask. You can add 1 or 2 egg yolks to any of your favorite oils like olive, coconut, or almond oil before rubbing it in a circular motion. On top of this routine, put on an extra layer for benefits by adding honey and mashed avocado. Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water!
  • As egg mask facial treatments, the eggs will penetrate deep into your facial pores to remove impurities. The egg whites contain protein that will tighten and brighten skin tone while adding a healthy glow; meanwhile, it can also leave you with softer, smoother skin!
  • If your facial routine needs a little extra love, try using eggs as an ingredient instead of a daily facial scrub. Simply mix one egg with a tablespoon of sugar and honey, then add it to the facial cleanser you are using before facial time!

2) Hands

  • If you want those long-lasting manicured hands, try adding eggs to your routine. Eggs are great for both facial and nail care, so it would also be a good idea to make sure that you’re eating them too! Add some egg whites with water or vinegar to the bottom of your palms before rubbing in circular motions until all moisturized – this will give you that natural shine!
  • If you’re in the mood to do something more intense, try boiling one egg during your bath time. Put the boiled egg at least halfway up your forearm and let the benefits of eggs soak into the skin while seeping in other benefits such as heat, and then rinse off.

3) Nails

  • Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty with your hands and use the egg whites for some good old-fashioned nail polish! You can mix them with water, or vinegar, then add in essential oils such as lavender or lemon. This not only benefits nails but gives them an extra shine too!

Benefits of Egg Yolks on Hair and Skin

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Egg yolk is rich in fatty acids which help with moisture and tightening pores, while egg white contains albumin, an easy form of protein that helps remove excess oil from those pesky breakouts too.

Hair problems such as dryness split ends or dry scalp can be solved with eggs in your beauty routine! Egg yolk contains high levels of protein and vitamin B12 which protect skin against sun damage, loss of elasticity, wrinkles/aging skin, and other related conditions.

Cautions and side effects

When using eggs in your beauty routine, it is important to know the risks and side effects.

Eggs contain sulfur, which can cause sensitivity for some people when used on the skin. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any other forms of protein, please consult with a doctor before adding egg into your hair and skin treatment! Also be aware that when cooking eggs, the sulfur content increases as well.