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(onelittleegg.co.uk is under new management, this article previously appeared on the old website and was not written by the new site owners.)

One Little Egg is a fundraising initiative to raise money and awareness for the plight of battery hens and the British Hen
Welfare Trust. It’s simple. I have an item. What can you offer to swap for it?

My current item is: an original piece of art by world famous British artist Ivor Abrahams. See the blog page for details. If you want to offer an item to swap for the art, email [email protected]

Explore the links to the left and, if you can, please donate to the British Hen Welfare Trust via the Justgiving.com button, below, to help them carry on their brilliant work. Or text “HENS99 £3” to 70070. Just £3 can mean life or death to a battery hen. Will you save one?